Garage Gym Ideas That Will Impress Your Friends

Garage Gym Ideas That Will Impress Your Friends

In today’s blog post, we will be giving you some cool garage gym ideas that will make your friends go wow when they visit your home gym at your garage.

But before that, we would like to ask you if you already have these basic tools/equipment:

  1. Dumbbells

  2. Stability Ball

  3. Sliders

  4. Resistance Band

  5. Kettlebells

  6. Medicine Ball

  7. Exercise Mat

  8. Foam Roller

  9. High Step

  10. Jump Rope

Above are essential things that your garage gym should have. As you may noticed it, those are the not so expensive equipment and can easily be bought in your regular gym and fitness stores. We strongly recommend to have them first before investing to a more expensive gym equipment.

Enough for the equipment and let’s go to 3 garage gym ideas that you can now start implementing.


#1 Does your own gym doesn’t seem to inspire you?

During your first few days working out with your new setup home gym, it is very natural that you get excited and regularly push your limits to achieve your ideal body shape. It is but normal that you can’t get that shape you so desire in a matter of days. Therefore, you end up disappointed and the excitement level just go down.

Now, do you have this kind of feeling that when you enter in your garage gym, the motivation level you have is not that high anymore and you no longer get inspired doing long hour of workout? I feel you!

Well, one of the best solution for that is to re-design it with a modern twist. But before doing that, you must plan beforehand and consult designers to come up with a cool modern design on a budget.

I know that you will more agree with me upon seeing the sample modern design image below, right? 😉

another cool modern design garage gym ideas

Via Home-Designing

If you are in a budget, you don’t necessarily get those bulky and expensive equipment. As long as you have a good wall paint according to your favorite color and a nice lighting with panel of mirrors, you are good to go. Remember, don’t stretch your budget on this because we are not competing to have the best gym design – we only want to have a good feel that motivates and inspires us to do our regular workout.

#2 For those who have just small area garage gym.

I know, majority of you reading this blog post have small garage area where you install your own gym. There is nothing wrong with having small area for your workout because what really matters most after all is the proper workout itself. However, if you put some twist with that small area, you will be amazed how will it drives you to even go more with your daily workouts.

There are 2 twist we can do here:

  1. Place panel of mirrors – we all know that having some mirrors in a tight area will make it look bigger. If you only have one mirror installed, try adding more and make it sure that they are align properly – your tight gym will look even more spacious with this simple twist.
  2. See through glasses – you read it right, replacing a portion of your wall with see through glasses will definitely enhance your little gym. Would it be nice to have a view outside while working out? For sure, right!? 🙂
see through glasses for garage gym

I know this image is a bit flashy, but you get the idea, right?

Via heatondainard

#3 Want to make it more intimidating?

First of all, each of us has our own preferences when it comes to designing our gym. If you are the kind of person that wants to scare your friends with your style and look, then this intimidating garage gym ideas suits your taste!

intimidating garage gym design idea

Via Garage-Gyms

Yeah, the last idea is pretty awesome! Do you have any idea how heavy that kettlebell is? And look at the rope, it’s so huge!

Anyway, I hope you like our brief blog post today about “3 Garage Gym Ideas That Will Impress Your Friends” and if you really do, we would very much appreciate it if you share this post to your friends and loved ones.


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